Why visit Dom nad Rozlewiskiem (The Lake House)?

Dom nad Rozlewiskiem, a cosy guesthouse with accommodation for 28 people, conjures up the image of a 19th century drawing. Stylishly furnished, it has 4 suites ideal for family rest, 2 rooms for lovers on a romantic break, a spacious room with a fire-place and a billiard table, a playroom for children and access to the private pier and beach. The guesthouse is situated in the town of Jeziorowskie by the Gołdopiwo Lake, one of the loveliest and cleanest lakes in Masuria.

Connected with the Masurian Lake District trail by the Sapina River, the Gołdopiwo Lake is a perfect place for swimming and practising water sports. Designated as a silent zone, it does not attract roaring engines of motorboats or water scooters. The size of this natural water body is 862.4 hectares, with its length of 4 kilometres and depth of 27 metres.

You should visit us in autumn if you love picking mushrooms and participating in off-road expeditions (in a quad bike and a military Land Rover Lightweight). If you are a fan of skating as well as cross-country and downhill skiing, do come in winter.

We welcome you warmly to the town of Jeziorowskie, located near the Masuria’s second largest woodland area after the Pisz Forest – the Borki Forest. Its forest stand, one of the most extensive and best-preserved in Central Europe, provides a natural habitat for local species. This is where you can encounter bison, lynx, elk, wolves, various species of birds and many other animals.

Take a stroll through Jeziorowskie, situated 17 kilometres from Giżycko, Banie Mazurskie and Węgorzewo, to discover the Masurian history that started with the Galindians, who were the first settlers in this area, later followed by the Teutonic Knights, who left innumerable traces of their dark existence.

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